Letters to order!

Are you looking to add a few new colors to your wall or give a gift to a friend. Well now you can order your own custom 3d Letters. Joy is a new 3D printing company located in Calgary AB.

Please take a look at some of our options and sizes!

We can offer Letters or symbols up to letters up to 8" tall and 5" wide and 1/4" Thick.

See our store to see we have start to offer.
Contact us today to see what else we can offer.

Calgary Based 3D printing services.

Work Plane allow me to size you letters and shapes to the size you are looking for. 

3D Printing with Glow in the dark Yellow

Glow In The dark Stars

Take a look at the star's that you can hang up on you walls or ceiling. 

Visit our store to buy 15 Stars for only $5.00.

Each star is 1-1/2" (Tall) x 1-1/2"(Wide) x 1/8 (Thick)

Model Printing

There is a great new world out there of Model printing. To the right is the first model that I printed. There is a very big group of people out there who are sharing there models they have made. 

This model horse is the largest model I have printed so far. It took about 4 hours to print then another 15 min to put it together. 

Each of these models can be sanded and painted to any color you would like.  I printed these in pink for my girls to play with.

Call me for a quote today on printing a Model for you.